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Today, May 5, 2018 a lot happened. We have taken our new office into use. It is located opposite the Gare Routiere, in the center of Marrakech. An expensive place but worth it.

Moreover, from now on we can be seen on TripAdvisor. Nice for comments besides those of our guestbook on the site.

The most special trip was the trip to Ourika Valley with a family from India. This family has greatly enjoyed our trip. I hope that many of these trips will follow .....

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    Zita Petrovic Katai (Tuesday, 27 November 2018 02:50)

    We have a trip with peterbringsyoueverywhere.com from Marrakech to Essaouria. Peter was very kind and fast in our negotiation via e-mail. Our driver, Yassim was very kind, patient and good driver. I sincerely recommend this company.