Promotion · 06. May 2018
We have taken our new office into use. It is located opposite the Gare Routiere, in the center of Marrakech. An expensive place but worth it. Moreover, from now on we can be seen on TripAdvisor. Nice for comments besides those of our guestbook on the site.
Promotion · 29. April 2018
Our company for car and driver rental, will be registered with the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism.
Promotion · 06. April 2018
At my site I add the Arabic language, the language of our hosts. But of course also for the Arabic guests here in Morocco. There are many of them from Saoudi Arabia and the Emirates. Especially after Ramadan, which is in this year 2018 from the half of May till the half of June.
Promotion · 18. March 2018
At this moment we pass as much information from the site to Google as possible to increase the findability. Do you have an idea?
Promotion · 15. March 2018
From tomorrow we will distribute flyers at the airport of Marrakesh. The person who can show such a flyer and make use of our services receives a 10% discount on the first ride.