Export Services

How often does it happen, you come home and then you think, I forgot to buy something, or I bought too little of something.

We can arrange that for you with our Export Service.

We have listed many requested products below.

Service 1, Argan Oil

We are happy to send you Argan Oil of the best brand available in Morocco.

Equipped with the Cosmos quality mark from EcoCert.

Service 2, How much

Examples of prices and quantities excluding shipping:

  • 10 liter.   €600
  • 1 liter.     €60
  • ½ liter.    €30
  • 0,1 liter  €15

Service 3, How to do

Send us an email or a whatsapp message with your wishes and address.


We will then calculate the shipping costs and after giving your order and payment we will send the desired product.


Very simple!


Shipping takes about one week.


Pure Argan Oil is the most requested product, but there are numerous other options and combinations possible.

Do not hesitate to inquire about this.