Volubilis, the old Roman town near Meknes and Fes
Volubilis, the old Roman town near Meknes and Fes

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Guided tours to the Koutoubia

Marrakesh is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco and has a lot to offer. You can think of beautiful museums, fantastic restaurants and fancy nightclubs, but you also can think of how people lived a hundred years ago.

This site from Peterbringsyoueverywhere.com gives you all the information you need to hire a car with driver to give you a nice holiday with a high quality service for 1 up to 50 passengers.

The history of this city can be found in the Medina (for the biggest part car free).

The surroundings of Marrakesh are very worthwhile. Within a car ride of one hour you can visit the beautiful Atlas Mountains.

A lot of other main cities can be found within a maximum of 3 1/2 hours drive.

Agadir and Essaouira have a lot to offer like sunny beaches, a beautiful landscape and not to forget the famous Argan oil. Your driver can bring you to those places in 3 hours drive from Marrakesh.

Casablanca can be found in a 3 hours drive from Marrakesh.  This city is very vibrant; beaches, shopping malls and a lot of nice restaurants are in and around this city. The few great hotspots your driver knows and he can bring you to, for example the Hassan II Mosque.

Rabat is the capital of Morocco, very green and clean with a stunning valley facing the city; a drive of 3,5 hours from Marrakesh.

Not to forget is also the city Tanger at a six hours drive, probably the most European city of Morocco and famous for the beaches and his rich history.

Chefchaouen at a 7 hours drive is called the blue city, because all the houses are painted in blue. It is a small town but worth a trip.

The Royal city of Fès is named the spiritual and religious capital of Morocco. It has ancient mosaic craftwork and is a tour of 5 1/2 hours from Marrakesh.

Although the tollways are very modern the traffic can be very chaotic and different from the way you use to see.Therefore our drivers are very experienced and secure.

Your Morocco tour will be a safe adventure that shows you the real Morocco and his spectacular views of the countryside during your safe trip. So for all your Marrakesh and Morocco tours don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to drive you around.

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Transport to and in Marrakesh

This comfortable Jeep Grand Cherokee, The Opel Vivaro or one of the other cars, van's or busses are ready for all your Morocco tours. Our company Peterbringsyoueverywhere.com is known by his great and secure drivers. What you rent is in fact a driver with a car.

Your driver can bring you everywhere in Morocco and knows the chaotic traffic very well. This is a limousine style of traveling that can drive you around safely up to 16 adults.Your driver knows a lot of beautiful small towns and points of interest. Don’t hesitate to ask him.

If you are arriving at Marrakesh Menara Airports don’t forget to contact us and we will drive you safely to your hotel. For a real stress free Airport service we also can arrange a fast-track service. A service you can easily adjust to and makes sure you’re out of the airport within 15 minutes or less. This all to additional costs.

We can also arrange a guided tour in the Medina by a certified guide who has a good command of the English language; see under day trips.

Our drivers speak at least three languages and are happy to welcome you here in Morocco.

Keep in mind that many competitors do not give an all-in price. In retrospect, there are a number of costs, such as the cost of the fuel, the costs of the driver, the tip for the driver, use of the toll road and tax. Sometimes the price is then two to three times as high as the original price!

Our service with the Jeep Grand Cherokee

With our limousine, a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 3 liter Diesel 4X4, I would like to drive you in and around Marrakesh.

This kind of cars is very popular in Morocco because of his wide range of driving possibilities. And that's what you need off-road or in the mountains.

With this car Peterbringsyoueverywhere.com also can bring you from the airport to your hotel when you arrive and we also can bring you back to the airport when you leave Marrakesh.

The interior of our car, a Jeep Grand Cherokee has enough space for one, two or three passengers to sit very comfortable.

It's always nice to have enough space for your legs and for your luggage. This 3 liter diesel Jeep has power and space!

Rent a car with driver like a Jeep

Our rental cars with driver are non smoking cars to be sure that the next passengers don't smell a smoke smell. The Jeep actually is a car with a lot of possibilities especially in the mountains and off-road. If we were going to make a trip in the mountains you'll be surprised what this car can do. It is not for nothing that Jeeps are often used for safari and mountain tours.

Some details about your private driver

My name is Peter and I am sometimes your driver.

Driving all kind of cars was always a hobby of me and so I followed many courses at all kind of driving schools.

I also was at the driving school of Porsche in Leipzig. In my home country I drove many years a Porsche but here in Morocco I prefer our Jeep. Why? Because of the space and the handy functions.

This is where we stand for

Comfort, safety, luxury and high quality service!

A safe and comfortable trip in and around Marrakesh for maximum fifty adults.

A limo service for all your trips and tours.

A service with a smile with fixed reasonable prices. (Keep in mind that many competitors do not give an all-in price. In retrospect, there are a number of costs, such as the cost of the fuel, the costs of the driver, use of the toll road and tax. Sometimes the price is then two to three times as high as the original price).

The difference between us and other local taxi- or limo services is that we want you to be happy and that you enjoy it all in the luxury of a strong and elegant car.

Most of the time the traffic in and around cities are very chaotic, therefor safety is first!

Our drivers are very experienced and costumed to this kind of traffic.

Let us take you to any place you like to see in Morocco.

And ..... We keep to the agreed time and the agreed price!

Welcome to Peterbringsyoueverywhere.com!

In Which Languages you can communicate with your driver

I am speaking English, German and Polish and Dutch, so we have to communicate in one of these languages, but there are also drivers who speak good French and Arabic.

Of course I also speak some French because I live in Marrakesh, a city where everybody speaks Arabic and French, but I prefer to speak one of the other languages. Why speaks everybody here French? A big part of Marocco was for more than 40 years a French Protectorate, from 1912 till 1956.

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