Transfer Prices - Regulations

We always drive you in a new and clean car!
We always drive you in a new and clean car!

For the prices from the Day Trips and Activities, please go to that part of the site: Day/Week Trips or Activities in Marrakech.


All our prices are shown in Euros (€) because there is only one Euro, but unfortunately more kinds of Dirhams (the local currency) which can lead to confusion.

For the prices from Day Trips, please see the specific Day Trip. For other Round Trips for more days please ask us for information. charges fixed prices for single trips for business or tourist transportation from Marrakech to every city in Marocco in a comfortable car & driver.

For transfers you always pay for the fastest route from A to B.

These prices are for:

the SUV 4X4 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, the Mercedes Vito or the Opel Vivaro Van, per car for 1-4 personsfor 5-6 persons additional fee 20 euro, for 7 to 8 persons additional fee 40 euro

fuel, toll road rates and parkings are included.


€ 25,-   Menara Airport - Hotel in Marrakesh 

  25,-   Car ride first hour 
  20,-   Car ride next hours/ per hour 

€ 15,-   Waiting per hour 

€ 160,- Marrakesh - Essaouira 

€ 180,- Marrakesh - Agadir

€ 170,- Marrakesh - Casablanca Airport

€ 190,- Marrakesh - Casablanca City

  250,- Marrakesh - Rabat 

€ 210,- Marrakesh - Ouarzazate 

  345,- Marrakesh - Fès 

€ 345,- Marrakesh - Chefchaouen

€ 350,- Marrakesh - Tanger 

€ 450,- Marrakesh - Merzouga

165,- Per day in Marrakech, on-call service (see regulations below)

  365,- Per day in Marrakech, on-hold service (see regulations below)

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. 

Online and PayPal payment is also possible!

Regulations driving service


1.) We behave respectfully towards our customers and also expect the same.


2.) No other passengers are taken along as long as you are in the car with your party.


3.) Every transfer will be carried out from the pickup address indicated on the confirmation via the quickest route to the mentioned destination address. For a transfer to and from Marrakech we start from the center of Marrakech when calculating the fare.

Only changes to transfers or other trips are accepted if they are requested by e-mail. After all, every change means a different price.


4.) Every day trip has a standard number of hours to view a city or environment, which is normally about 3 hours.


5.) If you rent a car for one ore more days, transport times apply from 8 am to 11 pm unless otherwise agreed in advance. You can only move within the limits at 10 kilometers from the Koutoubia. When you want to make a stop somewhere, the carrier leaves the destination spot and returns to pick you up again within half an hour as soon as you indicate this by telephone. After arriving at the pick-up spot the journey has to start within 20 minutes. This rate is €145 per day (On-call service).

If you want to have a car with driver at the door 24/7 then the rate is € 356 per day (On-hold service).


6.) If you leave the car, it must be clean and undamaged inside.


7.) Payment should preferably take place prior to the journey to be made. In Morocco is wearing seatbelts obligated. 

The fine you get by not wearing seatbelts you have to pay to the driver.


8.) Change of the start time of the trip or change of the route must be indicated 24 hours in advance.


9.) In case of a transfer, day trip or multiple day car rental, we reserve the right to change the driver or car if necessary or cancel the trip in case of technical problems with the car or bad weather situations. We cannot give you the guarantee that you will be driven in the car you prefer. We reserve the right to give you another car than the one you prefer without financial consequences.


Marrakech is the city that you have to see; don't leave Morocco without seeing Marrakech.....
Marrakech is the city that you have to see; don't leave Morocco without seeing Marrakech.....

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