No police forms · 17. September 2019
Filling in police forms at airports is a thing of the past. From next week, it will no longer be necessary to fill in the police forms at the airports. It will be replaced by a computer-controlled system using the computer-readable data in the passport. The flow will hopefully be accelerated as a result of which the waiting for hours for passport control will be a thing of the past.
October · 14. September 2019
October is one of the nicest months for a trip to Morocco and especially to Marrakech. From Marrakech you can make a day trip to for example Essaouira.
Best company · 18. August 2019
Since last week are all the brand new cars from on the road and have we our A-Status. Also the users of TripAdvisor gave very good reviews.
Morocco Trips and Tours · 29. April 2019
Between Essaouira and Agadir you will find the famous Argan trees. Small towns in this area often live off the production of argan oil and its related products. In fact, you have two types of argan oil: the pure oil that is suitable for cosmetic purposes, and the argan oil for consumption purposes. The latter is pressed from seeds after being slightly roasted. Hence the specific taste.
Morocco Trips and Tours · 15. May 2018
The Ramadan, in 2018 from May 16 to June 14, is a special month for Muslims. It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the month in which Muslims fast for about thirty days. The exact time of this month shifts by about 11 days each year compared to the western (or better: Gregorian) era. Are you in Morocco during Ramadan? Then there are a few things that are useful to know.
Morocco Trips and Tours · 10. May 2018
The Old Medina has just very narrow streets. not big enough for our cars. To make it possible for you to show the Medina we asked a friend of us, Oussama, an official guide, to arrange guided tours in the Medina special for our guests.
Promotion · 06. May 2018
We have taken our new office into use. It is located opposite the Gare Routiere, in the center of Marrakech. An expensive place but worth it. Moreover, from now on we can be seen on TripAdvisor. Nice for comments besides those of our guestbook on the site.
Promotion · 29. April 2018
Our company for car and driver rental, will be registered with the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism.
Promotion · 06. April 2018
At my site I add the Arabic language, the language of our hosts. But of course also for the Arabic guests here in Morocco. There are many of them from Saoudi Arabia and the Emirates. Especially after Ramadan, which is in this year 2018 from the half of May till the half of June.
Morocco Trips and Tours · 01. April 2018
Today I add a day-tour to my website. A day tour Tou Oualidia. This is a beautiful and quiet little town 200 km from Marrakesh at the Westcoast of Morocco. There is also a fantastic restaurant to eat oysters. Very fresh oysters.

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