Ramadan 2018 for tourists in Morocco

When you visit a new place it is good to know the local customs. Morocco is an Islamic country and we advise you to read in a little what Ramadan exactly means if you go here during this period.

During a period of about 30 days, Muslims from all over the world fast from sunrise to sunset. During this period they may not eat, drink, smoke or have sexual intercourse. Fasting begins at the dawn of dawn and ends with the sun going down.

If you are not a Muslim, in Morocco during Ramadan you are not expected to participate in fasting. This is not necessary, they are used to it. You can eat and drink in cafés and restaurants during the day. But I would advise against eating and drinking outside on the street during the day. This can be experienced as offensive.

Actually, Ramadan will not have too much influence, especially not if you visit the larger cities like Marrakesh and Agadir.

Although there are generally fewer tourists in this period, ordinary life largely continues, especially in the tourist industry. Many hotels offer significant discounts during this period. During the day the atmosphere on the street is different, the pace is lower. Restaurants, cafés and supermarkets in the big cities are open.

There are often adjusted opening hours around Ramadan. During this period, check the opening times of the monuments and places of interest you want to visit. Some stores are closed in the morning and only open for Iftar for a few hours. Vegetable markets are visited on a massive scale.

Smoking a cigarette in the presence of others or on the street is considered to be impolite and could lead to confrontations, so be careful with this.

During Ramadan it is difficult to buy alcohol, many restaurants will not serve alcohol during this period.


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