October, what a nice month

Not just goats like the fruit from the Argan trees
Not just goats like the fruit from the Argan trees










In all of Morocco, but especially in the middle part of Morocco, so the area around Marrakech is beautiful in the month of October.


It is the time that an occasional shower of rain falls and it becomes beautifully green everywhere and then mixed with those beautiful autumn colors that you find everywhere.


The grapes in the wine regions are picked and it's time for a wine trip to one of the wine regions in Morocco.


The olives gradually became ripe and that is the time when you see masses of men and women with a sort of sheet scratching around the olive trees.


Such a sheet is then placed on the ground around an olive tree and then after a bit of tree shaking hundreds of olives fall on this sheet.


These olives are collected and brought to olive oil cooperatives. Olive oil is pressed from the olives and bottled.


Most of it goes abroad, because what is probably not known is that Morocco is one of the largest olive oil exporters in the world alongside Greece and Spain.


Tip: Always use olive oil fresh, then it has the best taste! The longer you leave it, the worse the taste is.

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